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Design X Wu

Laura Wu

About Me

Hi! My name is Xiaoyin Wu, or to make it easier, I go by Laura too. I studied Architectural Engineering with a focus on lighting/electrical at Penn State University. After college, I have worked at a prestige lighting company for 8 years and accumulated a great amount of experience in both design, and project & team management. I’m currently a senior designer. I have designed and managed numerous projects of many different types including, hospitality, retail, commercial office, transportation, residential, industrial, and themed entertainment facility. I have led projects from concept development, schematic design, all the way to construction administration and site adjusting, aiming to complete the job.

I’m a hard worker, fast learner, and  I'm constantly seeking to improve myself. I also have a keen eye on design and am very alert to the trend in art, architecture, and design. With years of experience managing multiple projects on a daily basis, I have developed a strong work ethic and management skills. I’m bilingual with superb communication skills in and outside of work in both languages. As design is not just about showing beautiful images - being able to tell a good story of the design is just as important. Throughout my career, my outstanding professional and social skills have helped me create strong relationships among peers and clients alike.

I've recently started a master program in design and construction management. I believe it will help me immensely to become a better designer, project manager and prepare me for a leadership position.

More About Me (on design)

I pride myself to always have a sharp eye for design and trends. I constantly find myself looking around a new space as soon as I enter, trying to look for the design behind everything. I appreciate design with a strong intention and attention to details. For instance, when I stay at a resort on vacation, I immediately start to look for how the spaces are arranged, what kind lighting is used, where the signs are, shapes and colors on everything, typography, utensils used at the restaurants, logos on the hardware...  some of those details often go unnoticed by many. However, "not noticing" could also mean success as that indicates people also don't notice any discomfort or confusion. But what is being "noticed" in all good design is the cohesive feeling of everything working seamlessly together, one element compliments another.

I'm mostly a very easy going and low maintenance person. But when it comes to design, I do get very picky. I don't want to be an influencer but I do want to be able to influence other people's life in a positive way. I want to be responsible for creating spaces that I and hopefully many others find inspiring.

I love arts, and one of my favorite activities on weekends is to check out art museums and galleries. Or you can also find me on hiking trails, dance studios, music events, or at home renovating and decorating my condo. (I have completed my closet demolition and renovation all by myself during the pandemic with help from the great YouTube community.) I'm huge fan of podcasts. I listen to a lot culture, design, and comedy podcasts. But my all time favorite has got to be "99% Invisible" #IYKYK.